In Memory of Monty


Tuesday was a sad day for SB-GSR. One of our foster pups Monty was gently led to the Rainbow Bridge. For those of you who never had the chance to meet Monty you truly missed out on knowing a wonderful puppy, He was rescued from the Eau Gallie shelter by Kandy. Monty’s condition was horrible his teeth were so discolored from poor food it was thought he was around 2 years old despite the owners claims he was 7 months. He weighed only 37 lbs. and had a horribly matted coat. The owner has been arrested on a federal warrant (I do not know what the charges were) and all of his animals had been confiscated and placed in the shelter.

Everyone who met Monty fell in love with him. Despite his poor physical condition he was a very sweet puppy. His initial exam at the Vet’s was he was severely underweight and the blood work was not promising. It was imperative he gain weight. He had no appetite and lot of difficulty eating.

Elena cared for him and resorted to pureeing his food to encourage him to eat. Good news he gained 4 lbs. on a high fat diet. Monty was then taken to the Vet with concerns that he had a bladder infection. After a round of antibiotics and more blood work there was no improvement he then went to the Emergency Vet Clinic in Melbourne where he had an ultra sound on his kidneys. Not good news one kidney was severely deformed the other had extensive damage. (possibly from his neglected condition) He was given several months to live. Elena took him home and made a good life for him. Monty became very attached to Mitchell the young boy Elena is baby-sitting for the summer. Mitchell helped care for Monty too by encouraging him to eat and playing with him. Elena’s favorite expression to describe the two is “they are like two peas in a pie”.

Over the weekend Monty took a turn for the worse he wouldn’t eat, he had no energy all he did was lie in his kennel with the door open and sleep. Monday I went over to visit and Monty was happy to see me we sat on the couch together for a quiet visit. Elena and I talked and realized that it was his time we didn’t want him to suffer. The arrangements were made. Tuesday evening I met with Elena at the Vet’s and we stroked him and told him he wasn’t going to be in pain any more. Very gently he slipped away.

I want you to know how much Elena cared for this little guy. I think that he was one of the hardest rescue cases she has dealt with in a long time. Her care and concern for Monty was far above and beyond her usual compassion for her rescue German Shepherd Dogs. Kandy came over several times a week to help Elena with him and to check in on her charge. We all fell in love with this beautiful boy. Despite all that he went through to the end he was a happy, friendly puppy.

While the outcome for this little guy wasn’t what we hoped for we must remember that we work hard to care for and find homes for all the dogs that come to our rescue, that all of them are well loved when they go to their new homes.

Yours in Rescue,
Dani Champagne