About Us

South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue (SB-GSR) is a non profit 501 C3 organization that rescues German Shepherds in need of new homes throughout Brevard County, Florida and beyond. We are part of a statewide network that tries to help place this magnificent breed in loving new homes.

Our primary purpose is to give German Shepherds a second chance in a good home and to educate German Shepherd owners about the care and training of this highly intelligent breed of dog. We help address behavioral problems owners may be having with their German Shepherd to help them keep their dog instead of relinquishing it. If placement of the dog is in everyone’s best interests, however, we work with the owners to find a new adoptive home.

We work carefully with adopters to find them a German Shepherd that best fits their lifestyle. Then we follow up after the adoption to ensure that both owners and German Shepherds are happy and adjusting.

We require our potential adopters to have a home with a fenced-in backyard. A house check will be performed as part of the adoption process.

Adopters should be aware that some homeowners insurance policies do not cover pets. Please check your policy to be sure.

Invisible and Electric Fencing
While SB-GSR recognizes and understands the choice of invisible fencing as a solution of containment for a dog, we feel that it doesn’t offer enough protection for a German Shepherd. Not only does it cause discomfort for the dog but it does not keep other dogs, wildlife or people from coming into the yard and approaching the dog.

Often dogs will learn that not only will a shock happen when they leave the yard, but also upon returning. This causes a negative response to returning home, even when their human companion is calling and calling the dogs name. It can produce a fear response in the dog and cause the animal to flee. Unfortunately, invisible fencing does nothing to stop the theft a beloved pet from the yard.

For these reasons, SB-GSR will not adopt to homes with the Invisible or electric fencing systems.

Our dogs come from four sources:

Foster Dogs
These dogs may be obtained from any of the sources mentioned below, or are strays whose owners could not be found. Our volunteers carefully integrate the dogs into their homes, give them plenty of TLC, and work on basic training to make them attractive to potential adopters. Adoption fees for these dogs are $300 for dogs under 5 years old and $200 for dogs over 5 years old, which includes complete veterinary care: spay/neuter, all shots, HomeAgain or Avid microchip identification system, and a heart worm test.

Animal Shelters
Many humane societies and SPCAs keep breed rescue groups apprised of the purebred dogs at their facilities. These dogs remain at the shelter and are posted on our website to gain additional exposure. SB-GSR attempts to evaluate these dogs whenever possible, but rely on shelter staff for most of the dog’s information. Adoption policies and rates vary per individual shelter. Contact these shelters for more information, and for the dog’s availability before visiting. Per Florida law, these dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Owner Referrals
These dogs are surrendered by owners for many reasons (divorce, moving, allergies, etc.) SB-GSR does not generally evaluate these dogs, instead, we gather as much information about these dogs through an owner referral questionnaire and post each dog’s information on our website to increase its exposure to potential adopters. Adoptions and any associated fees are coordinated through the owner, with SB-GSR assisting as needed.

Other Rescue Organizations
If we do not have a dog that matches a potential adopter’s needs, or if that adopter is located in another part of Florida, the we will refer to adopter to a German Shepherd rescue group within our network. Adopters will need to comply with these rescues’ adoption procedures, including any necessary paperwork and payment of all applicable fees for that rescue.