angelI’m so very thankful that Elena brought Angel into my life. I’ll always remember that cool fall day in October 2003, and on the ride home, Angel gently rested her head on my arm and looked up as if to say, “let’s go home.”

Waiting at home for his new sister was GSD “Christian”, who I adopted in 1995. Whenever I introduced them to my family and friends, they were “Angel” and “Christian” – divine intervention that will bite your butt !

We survived hurricane Charley, the loss of my job, and the loss of my mother. Now I’m trying to stay strong the way you taught me girl. Today while I was cutting the grass in the backyard, I came across a little clump of your hair and realized you’re still with me. Memories are the greatest thing we have in life, because nobody
can take them away.

Goodnight my “Angel” …. you truly earned that name here on earth.