Firefly (now called Nikki)

firefly“Firefly” has been with us 10 and 1/2 months. When we first met her, she had been abused and was very timid. Her sweet spirit had been broken. We weren’t sure how or if she would ever be able to accept or show love. We worried about our old cat, Rosie, how or if they would get along.

A new home, her new name, “Nikki”, and a new cat sister were a lot to adjust to. It took weeks, patiences and lots of love. Nikki now shares her huge bed with Rosie right beside my bed. She walks with me without a leash, she’s still afraid of other dogs and strangers, but is improving. She gets her breakfast in bed; walks at least twice a day; plays in the back yard; dinner alongside the table with us; rides in the car; brushed daily; and lots of affection. She is a GOOD dog! Nikki has no bad habits, comes, sits and obeys most commands; she is still timid with children, but is improving slowly. We love her, thank God for her and pray she will continue to learn to trust and love us.