Haddie (now called Maddie)


I wanted to say hi and give you an update on Haddie (we call her Maddie).  She is very happy and has quite a crush on Zack.  I left them alone last weekend and they bonded brilliantly.  Zack is out of the country now and Maddie and I are hanging out.  Zack and I have become very attached to her.  She is very sweet and loving.

She is catching on to our routine quickly.  I am doing short training sessions before dinner, doing come and down (sit is perfect).  She is getting stay slowly but surely.

Her house manners have been very good.  She is gaining my trust and I am giving her more and more off leash privileges in the house and in the yard.

I am attaching some photos.  She is quite photogenic!!

maddie2Hi Elena,

Just wanted to thank you again for bringing Haddie (now Maddie) into my life. We will be celebrating our first anniversary tonight, taking her out to dinner with us. She is doing so well. She is sweet and so obedient. She was great around my friend’s kids and is doing well with other dogs. She is so welcoming to guests in our house.

I’ll send pics soon. Thanks again!!