How to Help

Wondering how you can help?  There are many ways you can be of service to us.  We need you.  Our dogs need you!

Another critical part of any rescue, volunteers are also always needed. Volunteers serve many duties, such as training foster parents, performing house checks, public relations, temperament evaluations on strays at shelters, overseeing public events, fundraising, grant writing, and networking with other rescues, just to name a few. If you’re interesting in helping, please fill out a volunteer application or email us for more info.


Without foster homes, rescue couldn’t exist. Foster families have hearts of gold, opening their homes to needy German Shepherds and giving them consistent love and shelter until the dog finds its forever home. Foster homes are always needed, as the number of German Shepherds in animal shelters and others desperately needing homes rises every year. We ask foster families to keep the German Shepherd until it is placed–this can range from several weeks to several months and includes the cost of food and toys. We provide the leash/collar and pay for all vet bills, including shots, flea and heartworm treatment. On average, these dogs will spend about a month in a foster home before being placed. Foster families feed and care for the German Shepherd, take it to the vet, if needed, review adoption applications, interview prospective adopters, perform house and veterinarian checks, and work with adoptive families to make sure the placement is a successful one. Our rescue provides emotional support and coaches the foster families through the entire process.

We also need folks to foster our “rehab” dogs, who need a quiet home while undergoing medical treatment. If you’re interesting in becoming a foster parent, fill out a foster application or email us for more info.


Monetary donations are always welcome since they help us pay for veterinary bills. Checks can be mailed to South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue, 1981 Mattison Drive, NE, Palm Bay, FL  32905.

Or, donate quickly and easily online through PayPal.

Bagged dog food, or gift cards to pet stores for dog food and other supplies.

Donations of Frontline and Heartguard in sealed packages.

Dog memorabilia, for use in raffles.

Please use when shopping online, since portions of the proceeds can be donated to our rescue.  (We’re under “South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue.”)

Estate Planning
Why not remember South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue in your estate plan?

Through your gifts to SB-GSR, you can forever change the lives of homeless and neglected dogs in Brevard County. Medical care can be available to dogs who are in need and to help those coming to our rescue in the future. No gift is too small! Estate planning is not just for people with great wealth. Adding SB-GSR to your estate plan gives extended life to your beliefs and values, touching the lives of German Shepherds in our area for years to come, even when you cannot. Please seek a Estate Planning Attorney or professional advisor for more information on this wonderful method of giving!

Word of Mouth
If you can’t do any of the above, don’t despair! The best help you can give is to pass the word about rescue. Encourage people to adopt through their local animal shelter, or through rescue. Discourage people from buying puppies at pet stores. Encourage them to adopt a young adult dog and bypass the many responsibilites of puppyhood that people aren’t aware of. If they’re set on buying a puppy, suggest they read Questions to Ask Before Buying a Puppy or refer them to us for suggestions. This kind of help is priceless!

No matter how you choose to help us, WE THANK YOU!!