hunter1Hello Elena!

I thought you might like an update on Hunter.  He is doing beautifully.  He is learning to play.  He chases a tennis ball in the house and goes after toys in the yard now.  He also plays with whatever toys the kids leave within his reach so we are trying to train him not to take those and the kids to put things away.  He has not been even the least bit destructive though.

hunter2He is having a ball with the kids.  He comes and gets us whenever the baby wakes up and does not miss a thing when it comes to either child.  We try to play hide and seek and Hunter always signals us as to where Dalen is hiding.  He keeps a close eye on them both.  We are trying to teach him to be gentle with the baby as he is quite a puppy and does not know his own size.  But, we knew that.  He is great about walking away from the kids if they do something he is not crazy about and has never once made any attempt to bite or growl.  He does have a habit of mouthing the kids in play (which we are working on) but is not the least bit mean about it.

hunter3The cats are still hiding from him in the house and the one on the porch is putting him in his place on a regular basis but they all seem to be making progress.  He and the greyhound have learned to live together although Cloud is not thrilled with his puppiness and Hunter is just crazy to get Cloud to play.  They are getting along fine though all things considered.

He is putting on weight and seems to be very comfortable in his new home. Thank you so much for bringing him to us!  We absolutely love him and I think he is going to be a great addition to our family!