kairiI picked Kairi up on New Year’s Eve 2006, thinking I’d foster her for a short while and then get her placed into the perfect home, allowing me to bring in another dog to foster. Days became weeks and I just couldn’t find the right family for this scared & abused little girl. By March 2007 the rescue finally got me to see that Kairi belonged in MY home. This began 8 years of a bond nobody could break. She learned that a human walking by her meant no harm. That the laundry I was carrying thru the house was not going to hurt her. We had a long ways to go so I had to learn quickly how healing takes place in the dog world. I didn’t baby her but did what I could to provide consistent companionship and leadership that she would eventually see as something positive. I discovered that she didn’t understand as much of the spoken word as she did quiet bonding during the times we spent on the floor.

Never saw this coming, but when the rescue was overloaded and I hesitantly brought a second dog in, Kairi was given the opportunity to help a less confident dog to calm down and understand that this strange human was going to help them. From there, it was hilarious watching her escort them around the property, as if she was a tourist guide. Her self worth was showing more and more. She even learned from another foster dog how to shake paws with me-something she had never been taught. She was trying to please me!

In early April Kairi stopped eating and her big brown eyes were definitely trying to communicate with me. Unfortunately, I’m human and did not understand. Test results showed no possibility of treating the cancer that was now throughout her body. But thru all of this, her spirit and love never ever changed- not for one minute. She tolerated everything I put her through in an attempt to get her to take nourishment. I miss my little girl tremendously and thank my rescue friends for their support from Day 1.

My little ‘Kair Bear’
12-3-03 to 6-17-14