Meet Us & Our Pets

meetus_elenaElena our “Fearless Leader” & her husband, Jim
Elena is the Director of SB-GSR. She has been involved in the breed for 40 years and rescueing dogs for more than 20 years. Her husband, Jim, helps by performing the rescue administrative duties such as taking photos of the rescued dogs and adding them to our website. Elena has been a breeder and has competed in Obedience  and Conformation.  Her dogs have won multiple awards and titles. You can see how versatile her Shepherds have been! At any given time there is at least one foster dog living with her awaiting its new forever home. Elena is truly dedicated to the German Shepherd breed.

Currently Elena has two dogs; Anastasia, a German Shepherd and Chloe, a Golden Retriever who is a rescue. Anastasia rules the home and makes sure that all of the dogs that come into foster at Elena’s know that she is the Queen. Chloe is a registered therapy dog who visits hospitals and accompanies Elena whenever she does presentations on dog care and finding the correct dog for your family.

Melina has been a foster parent with us for many years. About two years ago Melina took in Duke, a GSD with some medical issues. She fell in love with Duke’s charm and he is now a permanent resident in her home. She now helps the rescue out by attending rescue events with one of her three German Shepherd Dogs, transporting dogs when necessary and actively promoting SB-GSR. Melina has gone above and beyond the requested duties in her passion to save the animals!

Sydney, Sophie are also Melina’s German Shepherd Dogs. Sydney & Sophie participate with Melina in Agility and have received many titles & awards. Another fine example of how hard working the German Shepherd breed is and that a busy dog is a happy dog!

Ann is one of our foster parents. Living the Orlando area, Ann is also very busy doing home inspections for the rescue. Ann attends rescue events that we participate in as often as possible; many times bringing her current foster rescue dog. For many years she had fostered GSD’s but never had one of her own. That changed about a year and a half ago with a foster dog named Kairi.

Kairi came into rescue as an abused dog. Something about her touched Ann’s heart and she became Ann’s forever dog. Kairi contirbutes to rescue by helping Ann welcome the foster dogs into the home and gives them good doggie mothering. Having a permanent home and a loving, gentle hand has brought Kairi out of her shell. Thats the difference a forever home can make!

meetus_terriTerri & Bob
Fostering dogs for several years, Terri and Bob have been very helpful to SB-GSR. They are currently adding to their family by adopting 2 children, but still have all the love needed for their fur babies! They now help Rescue out by attending rescue events with their dogs and helping to find homes for our dogs that come in to the Rescue. Terri also volunteers her time and home to other local rescues proving that there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE!

Terri & Bob’s dogs are Gracie, Remy & Bear. Gracie & Bear are SB-GSR foster German Shepherd Dogs that were adopted during their time as foster dogs at their home. Terri & Bob are another great example of the richness of life with a rescued dog.


Caroline contributed to the original creation of SB-GSR. She developed many of the processes and forms that we use. She was responsible for generating our first web page with Caroline was a foster parent, but with two toddlers at home she is a very busy woman! She now helps us with moral support, kind words and occasionally attending a rescue event. Caroline with her many connections with other rescue organizations is a very valuable asset to SB-GSR.

Mia, Caroline’s German Shepherd, a rescue from a Pennsylvania shelter, is a very busy dog tending to the two toddlers. One more example of how German Shepherd Dogs are great family companions.


Andy came to SB-GSR by adopting one of our dogs. He previously had a German Shepherd as a companion and knew he had to have another Shepherd in his life when Aiko crossed The Rainbow Bridge. He was so grateful for his new companion that he volunteered to become our Webmaster. Our web site at that time was in need of a serious face-lift and Andy’s hard work has made our current web site fantastic! He has moved to the mountains in Colorado, but is still dedicated to our rescue. He is missed in Florida, we are so grateful for his support!

Tessa came to the rescue as a verbally abused dog. With love and understanding, she turned a new leaf, and moving from Florida to the Colorado mountains was a fun change for her. Although she unfortunately was laid to rest on June 1, 2017, Andy remains active with the rescue, and has plans for another adoption in the future.


Dani & Tim
With occasional help from their college age sons, Dani and Tim started helping out with rescue when they retired from raising service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence.

Because Dani is a “Domestic Goddess”, they foster our puppies and occasionally a dog that may need intensive medical supervision.

Cedar, Gonick & Rue are their dogs. Cedar & Gonick are Goldadores (a cross of Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers) from CCI who didn’t make it through the program. Rue is a foster German Shepherd that came into our rescue and stayed. “Uncle Cedar” is very patient with the puppies and teaches them proper doggie etiquette. He also accompanies Dani when she does presentations on dog care and finding the correct dog for your family. Rue & Cedar also attend rescue events promoting what a well balanced dog acts like. Gonick is happy at home chewing on toys and keeping the couch warm.