mokaDear Elena,

Moka is doing fine and enjoying her role as queen of the house. She loves her friend the lab but is quite the bossy lady in charge. She never thinks that any toys could be anything other than Moka’s toys and only shares when she wants to. She also is quick to bark her displeasure with anyone walking near her property. She has been fine in the house except for one accident when I was out but when I got back home she went out in the rain and I couldn’t get her back in the house, she was determined to punish her self and seemed embarrassed even though I was late so I couldn’t get mad at her. She still has a little too much energy after dinner and wants to play ball and tug of war for hours and if I don’t she will put one of my shoes in her mouth and run around the house and not let me near hear. She doesn’t chew or destroy my shoe and it is the only article that she plays with that isn’t her toy but I think she just does it to make her play time last longer.