rueWith great sadness I am sharing with you of the passing of Rue, our rescued German Shepherd Dog. (Champagne’s Golden Roux) He was named Roux, as a sable GSD because he reminded me of a cooking roux. A warm brown with a bit of burned edges. Rue came to our family as our foster, rescue pup from South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue and showed people that rescue dogs were not throw away dogs. My husband Tim and son Travis said Rue was a nice dog and he could stay….. I told them that if he was he was going to join our family they had to make the decision and “train him”. They did (Ha Ha) but if anybody at the IRDTC saw Rue he was at the end of the leash with me.

He was the first dog that I entered in competitive Obedience and Rally. He earned his CGC CD & RN & RA. Rue was an ambassador for Indian River Dog Training Club & South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue. Rue participated in many public events. He showed the public what a well balanced, obedience trained German Shepherd (dog) was. Rue was a big brother to the many German Shepherd rescue dogs who came and lived at the Champagne home as fosters. He showed the rescue pups how to become happy family members. Rue was also a big brother to Canine Companion for Independence puppy Yukiko. The two of them were quite a pair. Rue was much loved by his boy my son Travis who taught Rue how to talk, ruu ruu ruu…. It was quite an event…..

Rue’s passing was unexpected and he leaves a great void in our family. Rue joins several of our much loved family dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dani Champagne
Rue’s Mom