shebaSheba was 9 when we received her in rescue. Thank God a good Samaritan contacted me about her. Sheba bonded immediately with our family. Our two GSDs seemed to know she was a little older and more fragile.

I found out that I could walk Sheba off lead, and we did so daily. When I did yard work, she was always out there, keeping an eye on me and sunning herself as well.

We tried to place her 2 times; both times she came back because she would quit eating. Once back in our house, she would eat again. She knew where she wanted to be.

We planned on having her many years; but we had to return God’s gift within 6 months of getting her. She died of cancer. She was the hardest gift we ever had to return. We think of her daily and miss her gentle kisses. Sheba was a rare jewel!

-Melina Lagler