We got Sydney as a puppy at 8 weeks, and she was a terror to raise, probably due to our limited experience on raising a high drive dog. But we kept at it, read books, consulted the breeder on issues, and ended up raising a wonderful girl.

I started her in agility at age 2. I don’t think others thought we would get anywhere. But 3 years later (we only go to nearby trails), we received her Excellent A title in Jumpers and Standard within the same weekend and same day. Double Q and double title! Hence her beautiful picture with her ribbons.

She’s also a therapy dog, and I take her to the events of GSD rescue when I can. And every year she goes to the Harris Christmas Party so tons of children can climb all over her. She handles it like a champ!

She’s turned out well. And the best thing is, we got her sister Sophie 8 months after Sydney, and raising her was a ton easier. She’s a champ as well, in agility and now starting Rally. She does therapy, but would rather chase a ball instead. These two complete our family perfectly.

-Melina Lagler