Tasha’s Odyssey


I bet you thought you would never see pictures of Tasha from me.  Well I really didn’t forget you, there is no way for me to do that when you took such good care of my new baby.

Anyway, she is now 10 months old, she is a bit taller than Sinbad and she weighs 82 pounds!!!

But I think she has hip problems, a week from today, I have an appointment to have her hips x rayed.  I had noticed that she never wanted to jump, on the bed, in the car, etc and found that strange.  When we first got her I thought it was just new to her and sort of blew it off.  Then she did it a couple of times and I thought ok, she figured out how to jump on the bed or in the car but she never did it consistently.  Then I got to really watching her and realized her right back leg looked funny, like it was “leaning” towards her left leg.  So anyway, the vet said she felt like the bone was thicker but x rays would give a better picture of what is going on, so that’s where we stand.

tasha2Her bladder problem never went away, she will always be on drugs to help her from leaking when she is completely relaxed.  Poor thing, I wonder how much of this could have been prevented by someone who actually took care of her when she was a baby.  But at least now she is with us, she loves Sinbad to death and even though she is constantly on him, I know her loves her too.  They always have to know where the other one is, she watches him and tries to copy what he does.

She is a happy little thing, well not little but most definitely happy.

tasha3My husband and I are going on a mini vacation at the beginning of May and are boarding them for 5 days at a place in Rockledge called Remington’s.  It sounds like a nice place, I am going to stop by today just to check it out so I can make sure it’s clean and what dogs are there at least look like they are taken care of.  If I approve, then on the 22nd of this month, I’ll take them both down for the day for a Play Group, where they are evaluated to see their temperament (both are sweeter than candy) and match them with the type of dogs they will be allowed to play with during the outings.  They will get 5 outings a day where they get to run free in an enclosed area and then I picked a package where they be in the same room during the time they are not outside.  At night, they will be kenneled (neither are in kennels at home but..)

Ok I’ll shut up and let you see the pictures.

(Tasha needed bone-lengthening surgery).