The Life of a Rescue Volunteer

We are the rescue volunteers,
Too few and far between.
And we love what we do for animals,
A lot behind the scenes.

The time that we give to these creatures
We think nothing of
For we are constantly reminded of what we do
With their unconditional love.

They come from everywhere
And unloving places
But we see how much they want to fit in
Just by their faces!

There’s the shy, abused one
We slowly coax out of his shell
For his life before us
Was a living hell.

The one from a divorce
Ripped from the only life he knew
Who learns he has a new family
To him they will be true and true

The puppies and kittens
And young ones we find
All from irresponsible
Hands of mankind.

We hunt for donations
Whatever we can find
Towels, food, crates, and toys
So not one is left behind.

Our house is full of fur and dirt
That’s all part of the fun
For these guys just want to go out
Rain, snow – just to run!

A gentle hand and loving touch
Is all that they ask for.
And what we get in return
Is a thousand times more.

It’s tiresome and demanding
The time that we spend
But it’s all worth it to us
These lives that we mend.

We do it as volunteers
In money we aren’t paid
It’s that special life we rescued
The one that we saved.