trooper1Hey Melina,

Thanks so much for writing. I hope you are doing well.

Trooper? Well he’s just great 🙂  I am so happy with him. He is the biggest baby and shows so much affection 100% of the time. He is just so very happy all the time. He loves playing all day and night and when he finally gets tired, all he wants to do is cuddle up with me in my bed.

As you know, I wasn’t 100% sure about a new dog but the minute I got him home I was so happy he was with me. He LOVES everyone who comes through the door (provided I let them in) He wants to wrap his legs around everyones neck and give them big hugs all the time.

trooper2He adores Nick’s three young kids, especially the baby and is so gentle with them.

I guess by now you can tell how pleased I am with him. He’s just the best 🙂

I do need to socialize him with other dogs some more though, he gets very excited and tends to jump on their backs when he meets them which gets him in a little trouble sometimes but we are working on that.

trooper3I broke my leg on January 11th and have been in a cast since then up until last weekend. I have to work the muscles before I can walk on it again so Trooper hasn’t been out much at all while that’s been going on but as soon as I’m good, I’ll get him back out where he loves to be.

I’m so glad that Duke is doing well, he’s a great boy too. I’m guessing your whole gang are OK, that’s great 🙂

Glad to hear you are getting other boys and girls adopted too, you guys do great work.

trooper4I have attached a couple of pictures of Trooper including one out in the garage where we play a game some nights. A buddy of mine sat down and Trooper jumped up and joined him. In the others, you can see him on his very own couch and again laying with Nick’s baby.

That’s all for now, keep in touch and I hope everything is OK with all of you.

Best Wishes.