tylerIf Tyler could talk, this would be his story:

I’m Tyler, my original owners picked me from the litter because I out ran my siblings to cuddle at their feet. They didn’t have children so they named me Tyler, their boy. I led a blessed life and thrived on their companionship, attention and training. Unfortunately, after two years they had to put me up for adoption because they were both military, were deployed to Spain and couldn’t take me.

And so I guess, go the many different stories behind rescue German Shepherds who are displaced daily to either shelters or the streets!

Thankfully, Tyler’s owners had the foresight and compassion to contact GSR. When we called to tell you our beloved “MAX”, who we had adopted from you at South Brevard GSR on 12/1/07, and who is still featured in your “Happy Tails,” had died due to twisted bowel syndrome, you linked us up and Tyler became our new addition and “Buddy” on 6/10/09.

WOW, what a Regal Shepherd and smooth transition! It was as if he understood and adopted us rather than vice versa!

Just a few highlights of our past year and one half, Tyler is like a shadow. Where ever Jean and I go Tyler goes! If we sit, his body is touching either us or the chair, so he’s alerted if we move. He uses his nose to open doors and high five your hand when passing. I’ve never heard him growl. He has a high pitch play bark and deep serious bark that communicates well. He’s our alarm in the morning, companion during the day and security at night! You can read his mind through his eyes and facial expressions. He’s trained us well to play on command. I could go on, but for every moment we’ve given him he’s returned it tenfold!

Elena, there are many Max’s and Tyler’s out there. We would like to thank you and South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue for making the interaction happen and you for all your personal time and effort.